you can seat here

This project explores the diversity identity of objects and devices used for seating in ancient Africa and aims to express the same language in contemporary seats.

Ancient African objects are usually found in museums and have never had the opportunity to evolve into something more, instead nowadays in Africa the object most used to seat on is a chair, European style.

These objects were used to project status and wealth, used to relax and used to engage with other people. Usually made of wood, and sometimes made of one single piece of wood, these seating devices could be simple in their appearance or elaborate in their decoration with brass nails or symbolic figures.

The inspiration from the African seats comes from the form, textural detail, the differences in density of the materials, symmetry and asymmetry and balance. 


Reference of images:
, Ngundja, Cerimonial seat (wood and brass nails), Chokwe, Angola, Met Museum; 2, Tripod backrest (wood and brass nails), DRC, African Furniture and Household Objects by Roy Sieber; 3, Tripod chair (wood), Nigeria, Roy Sieber; 4, Negbe, women sitting pad (natural fibers), Mangbetu, DRC, Roy Sieber; 5, Dolaba, Sitting stick (wood), Dogon, Mali; 6, Tip stool and backrest (wood and brass nails), Bole, DRC, Roy Sieber.